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We know this industry in its entirety; let us help you on your way!

T. K. Exports provides complete livestock export services to its clients including:

  • Insurance
  • Destination Care
  • Development of Facilities
  • Development of Genetic Programs
  • International Banking
  • Comprehensive Consulting


TKE offers insurance to cover mortality and, in the cases of pregnant animals, abortion. The Duzan Agency has handled all of our insurance needs over the years. They offer insurance services worldwide through a number of A+ rated insurance companies. TKE receives fast claim services and their rates are very affordable.

Destination Care

TKE assists clients with health care on arrival of the animals to their final home. TKE provides:

  • Veterinary services to help supervise the animal quarantine in the destination country
  • Pregnancy Checking Services associated with insurance claims

Our goal at T. K. Exports is to make your livestock investment as profitable and successful as possible. Our personnel can help you start your animal operation!

International Banking

TKE has over 30 years of experience in livestock and has many contacts within the international banking community who facilitate financing. TKE has also worked with several USA Government Programs to assist clients with their financing. These programs include USDA-GSM-103 and EXIM Banking.

Comprehensive Consultation Services - Development of Facilities & Genetic Programs

TKE can assist in the development of your farming operation. Our livestock specialists and their associates have consulted on many projects worldwide. They have provided assistance in the establishment of farms and genetic programs. They have also established training programs to teach workers proper care in every aspect of production and help managers gain experience with the overall management of the operation.

We provide you with unmatched logistical support stemming from over 30 years of experience. Whether we help with one small detail or with your entire endeavor, allow us to assist you with your next livestock project. Through our sister company, TKE Agri-Tech Services, we offer financial planning, technical support in both the USA and abroad, transportation procurements, animal acquisition, long term veterinary care, personnel recruitment and animal selection assistance. Visit the web site:

We know this industry in its entirety; let us help you on your way!