Preparing livestock for delivery to their overseas destination is a critical stage in the exportation process.


T. K. Exports (TKE) coordinates with producers, veterinarians, state health officials and quarantine facility managers to ensure the safe movement of animals to the quarantine/assembly point. Experience has shown that good planning and coordination is essential to the success of this portion of the export process.

The trucking companies TKE uses have many years of experience in handling our animals. This is essential for us to maintain bio-secure movements within the USA prior to export. We believe we have more experience in preparing shipments than any other company which allows our clients to receive healthy animals.


TKE quarantine stations have proven track records for providing animal care and their veterinarians have experience in performing pre-embarkation health tests required by importing countries. TKE has a direct role in the supervision and care of the animals along with the health testing process. In this manner, we ensure the process of animal preparation is completed correctly, efficiently and cost effectively.


Veterinary health certificates are the “passport” for international movement of animals. Each country has a unique set of requirements which have to be completed with precision accuracy. Therefore, TKE is involved in every step of the process from selecting knowledgeable veterinarians and using qualified laboratories to preparing the actual health certificate. These are all vital parts of the process. TKE has more than 30 years of experience executing health protocols.


TKE is skilled in transporting livestock by ships or by airplane. We are knowledgeable regarding the unique documentation and shipping requirements associated with each mode of transport. With shipping by sea, TKE provides the feed and medical supplies for the voyage. We understand that nutrition is a vital aspect of livestock health and it is even more important when the animals are in transit for long periods. Therefore, we work with feed manufacturers and hay suppliers to have the correct nutritional mix for each class of animal we ship.

TKE enjoys longstanding relationships with established shipping companies. TKE has worked with a freight forwarder, Sea Air International, for over 30 years. Sea Air is known as the leading facilitator in coordinating live animal exports from North America worldwide. TKE works with Livestock Express and Corral Lines who are independent seaborne livestock carriers. Their vessels transport animals for many exporters in many countries. These two companies serve the majority of animal exporters worldwide and therefore have the experience to manage the safe movement of our animals. For air transport, TKE uses major airfreight carriers such as Atlas, Air France and Lufthansa that have cargo planes that have support systems for livestock transport.

As a result of TKE’s experience and relationships in the livestock transport industry, we provide an efficient, cost effective way to transport your animals to their final destination.

En-Route Animal Care

Our veterinarian staff has many years of experience caring for animals during transit. Since transit in our ocean vessels can take long periods of time, the health management of the animals is paramount. Our personnel have more experience than any other company in North America. Additionally, we are able to perform other health procedures, such as special vaccinations, during the sea voyage.