T.K. Exports, Inc. has successfully completed a wide variety of livestock shipments since 1983, with experience in every aspect of the project - including procurement, health testing, delivery, and financing. The projects described here are a small sample of our international work over the years.

Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan (2010-Present)

T.K. Exports, Inc. (TKE) continues to be the largest exporter of breeding cattle in the world. From March 2010 until the present, TKE has shipped over 100,000 breeding females to Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan. TKE has a very well established network of buyers along with a very well established network of cattle suppliers and looks forward to working with you, wherever you may be.

Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Iran (2007-2009)

TKE was a leader in reopening the USA market for live animals to the world. From late 2007 through 2009, TKE completed a number of shipments to Turkey, Morocco and Egypt. Previously, all of these markets had been closed to USA animals due to the discovery of BSE. After Saudi Arabia opened their market in 2006, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco followed suit by opening their markets to USA animals as well. Additionally, TKE completed the first shipment to Iran in over 30 years. TKE loaded several ships for various exporters, assisting them with their project logistics. During this period, TKE exported some 15,000 head of breeding stock.

Uruguay and Cuba (2004-2007)

TKE was dealt a huge blow with the discovery of BSE in the USA. BSE which had been found in England had a very deleterious effect to the US marketplace. Most countries closed the market to US meat and animals. TKE decided to establish an export base in Uruguay so that we could continue our service to International Clients. During the years of 2004 to 2007 we helped Rozada, SA to ship Uruguayan Holsteins and beef animals to Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Peru and Venezuela. Through our help, the Uruguayans exported some 10,000 animals. Additionally, we shipped 2,000 US animals to Cuba where both Holsteins and Jerseys were in demand. Although this was quite complicated due to the embargo, the animals arrived safely and were very productive for the Cubans.

UAE and China (2002-2003)

TKE continued its quest for new customers and markets. Although several political factors detrimentally influenced the export market, TKE was successful in finding new customers in China. TKE assisted several farms and breeding centers in China with their semen and embryo donors. Additionally, we assisted other producers with the sale of animals to Dubai and became a part of the first shipment of live animals to Cuba in over 30 years.

Lebanon, China (1997-2001)

We began a new project to increase Lebanononos dairy animal population, which had been almost completely destroyed by some 17 years of civil war. Our task was to rebuild the entire system from scratch, quite an undertaking. TKE and our associates, along with the American University of Beirut, USAID, and the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, began a 10-year program to rebuild the dairy system. We delivered the animals and established technical support for the local dairymen and the animal health specialist in the region. We exported 8,000 animals and provided technical expertise in the areas of animal health, animal nutrition, production systems development, and overall improvement of dairy production within Lebanon. We gained significant experience from our participation in the development of Lebanononos dairy industry. This is truly a new partnership for us, as we are a part of the efforts to improve a complete dairy industry for our partners.

The Peopleonos Republic of China became an important market for US livestock during 2000 as they have begun a long-term program to increase meat and milk production. TKE supplied another exporter with 150 females to be shipped to China. This represented the first major shipment of dairy cattle to China in some 10 years.

Turkey (1995-96)

Managing one of the largest U.S. livestock export shipments ever, TKE delivered over 2,700 high-quality pregnant Holsteins and 30 breeding bulls as replacement stock for Turkeyonos dairy industry. We selected animals from nearly 100 different breeders in 16 states and quarantined them through the Pennsylvania Holstein Association prior to shipment. We arranged inland freight to Richmond, Virginiaonos deep-water port, and then overseas transportation in two shipments. Our veterinarians accompanied the animals during their 6,000-mile, 17-day voyage and assisted in their adaptation to their new environment.

Taiwan, Brazil, Algeria, Spain, Nigeria, and Thailand (1989-94)

We completed many small shipments of dairy cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and dairy goats to farmers during this period. We also delivered our first shipment of Canadian animals to clients in Taiwan and Spain. This period also marked our first dairy goat shipments to several cooperatives in South America and Taiwan.

Morocco, Canary Islands, and Turkey (1986-88)

Under the USDAonos Export Enhancement Program (EEP) program, we shipped several thousand dairy heifers to North Africa and the Middle East to reduce the oversupply of dairy products in the USA. This was our first experience in using the USDA-CCC (Commodity Credit Corp.) financing and subsidy programs.

Taiwan (1985)

Our experience here was our entry into the export of dairy genetics, selling some 400 animals to two local Dairy Cooperatives in southern Taiwan. We were challenged to find animals which met client specifications.

South America and South East Asia (1983-85)

Our humble beginnings came by supplying quality breeding swine to large farms in Venezuela, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.