T.K. Exports, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in purchasing animals. We are active in the current market as we have our own working farm that both purchases and sells animals on a regular basis. Our first-hand knowledge of economic trends in the livestock market, our strong relationships with breeders, and our longstanding reputation for reliability and technical expertise enable us to negotiate effectively for our clients.

Animal Suppliers

We procure our animals from large dairy herds and heifer growers who purchase young stock, breed them and grow them for clients. These farms practice stringent health programs that ensure the well being of their animals through the use of vaccines and management practices. By cooperating with these farms, T.K. Exports, Inc. (TKE) has access to their inventories of more than 5,000 animals, allowing us to purchase large numbers for our clients. Additionally, we are able to contract the production of specific qualities, breeding, and health programs for our clients.


Through our extensive contacts in the agricultural community, we can locate specific genetic demands at the best value for our clients. Whether you need top quality donor breeding stock to improve your future herd or commercial females to improve production, we will locate the animals you require within your budget. Our team will arrange the visits and accompany you, minimizing your effort and saving your valuable time.

Health Testing

Our experienced large animal veterinarians test the selected and/or donor animals to meet all the required health exams before transportation overseas. TKE veterinarians have many years of experience ensuring the health of animals being shipped. Every animal we ship is prepared for its voyage by vaccinating against important diseases, establishing parasite control, and practicing good nutritional management. No matter how difficult the health protocol, we can do it! The most important aspect of our job is ensuring that the livestock, semen, or embryos you buy from us arrive healthy, ready to work for you!


Price is one of the most important factors to any buyer. The end price of animal genetics is affected by many factors. The most significant factor is that price is relative to the quality of the product you receive. However, when related to live animals, price is also relative to both the services provided throughout transport as well as the health of delivered animals.